Functional Dairy protein, next generation of dairy ingredient,  to improve quality and cost saving compare with conventional milk products like skimmed milk powder, whole milk powder, milk proteins and other milk products.

Target application are ice cream, soft serve, yoghurts, cultured milk, neutral dairies, chocolate and bakeries.

Nollibel series Dairies - ice cream Improve texture, delayed meltdown and cost saving
Bianbel series Dairies products Emulsion stability & cost saving
Belka YT series Stirred yoghurt, set yoghurt Improve texture, creaminess and cost saving.
Belka DL series Drinking yoghurt, dairy drink Improve stability and cost saving.
Belka CB series Chocolate and bakery products Texture improvement, cost saving.
Belka DB series Instant coffee mix, chocolate and cereal Improve on the dairy and milky taste

Dairy Protein
Dairy Protein
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